Next Trip Coming Up

For years I have concentrated on traveling West but thus far, as far as I ever got was  Colorado, New Mexico and Southern Utah. I have dragged my kids and grand kids all over Colorado and New Mexico over the years yet there are still a few places we haven’t visited yet. But we will get there eventually.

This next year, July 2020 to be exact, I decided we are going someplace different and do something totally unexpected as far as I am concerned. My children always wanted to go to California when they were little but we could never afford it (or could we?). So we never went. They all grew up and had kids of their own!

Back in the middle of the 2000’s – around 2007 there were several grand kids then ranging from 4 to 14. They always wanted to go to California as well but we could never seemed to get there for one reason or another. The older ones eventually grew up and are now in college. The oldest grand son Christopher joined the navy right out of college two years ago and since then, spent a week in Los Angeles, California. He texted me every day about how awesome the beaches there are and how I must come there one summer real soon. He is now in Spain and will be going on to London and other wonderful places within the next few years while he is in the navy. His dream come true, that’s for sure. His desire to get out and see the world is being fulfilled – how wonderful is that?

I could never seem to get them to California but that is about  to change. There is another small group of grand kids that have come along – including the 4 year mentioned above – of course he is 14 now, and you know what – I have cancelled all our travel plans for Colorado for 2020 and booked a three and half week vacation that only this ma-maw could have dreamed up.

We’re leaving Louisiana on July 6, heading for Carlsbad New Mexico – we’ll do the Carlsbad caverns after we get there and head over to Roswell where we’ll spend the night and get real early the next morning and head over to the Alien museum and see what all we can see and do while we’re there.

After a day of that we’ll drive over to Albuquerque and stay the next 4 days and nights there and do our usual fun stuff! We love Albuquerque!!! We love going to Hinkle Family Fun Center, the Albuquerque zoo, Cliff’s Amusement Park and the Rattlesnake Museum, to name a few of our faves!

Our next destination will be Las Vegas, Nevada. We have never been to Nevada and know that the next 4 days and nights are going to be fun and refreshing and we’ll see stuff we never saw before and do new things! Any suggestions? Email me at – I am always open to new ideas for our family vacation.

We’re leaving Las Vegas on the 5th day and heading for California where we’re spending  the next 10 days in Oceanside. I chose Oceanside because it is in the middle of Las Angeles and San Diego – the two places we have always wanted to go. After awhile, if all goes well we might spend a night or two in each place – we shall see. Again, I am open for suggestions!  Email me at

After leaving California we’re heading back to Tucson, Arizona we’ll stay a couple of nights before heading back toward Texas, and then back home!

We’ll be tired when we get home but it’s the kind of tired this ma-maw don’t mind! I love to travel and seeing the world is how I want to spend the last thirty or forty years of my life!  And what better way than being with my family!

I now have three great grand children and in a few years I want to take them places as well! Not yet sure how that will come about but my grand kids have never got over traveling with me – the memories are wonderful and we share every time we can and enjoy the old family vacation pictures and the fun we had! Yes, those great grand kids have a journey of their own someday!


So Oceanside, here we come – we want to know all about your city and all the adventure and fun that is awaiting our family — California is the place to be I’ve been told so watch out, here we come!


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    California is the place to be I’ve been told so watch out, here we come!


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